Episodes related to topic: productivity

Applesauce What did Lee do to the Apple Gods?
Hosted by Joe Darnell and Lee Peterson

Joe and Lee share some of their experiences with Apple’s standard MacBook line, review Amazon’s "premium" earbuds, try to figure out why AirPods aren’t working for Lee, and discuss how the guys handle iPad Pro-ductivity.

Techtonic The Man in the White Gloves

Joe, Joshua and special guest, Micah Pogue, discuss the apps on their home screens, how they use their apps for productivity and entertainment, and their app layout organization philosophies.

Techtonic Moses’ Chiseled Tablets Were Better

Joshua and our special returning guest, John Livingston, review the iPad Pro. How is it shaking up engineering for John? Has it replaced Joshua’s MacBook Air in everyday use? What apps do the guys use to manage files and markup documents? All this and more in our iOS/iPad for professionals review.

Techtonic All the Good Managements

Joshua and Joe discuss goals and time management tricks with Tim Stringer.

Top Brew Put That in Your Productivity Pipe
Hosted by Joe Darnell and Eric Rauch

Joe and Eric discuss the worldwide coffee shortage, coffeeshop productivity, Bodum’s awesome commercial, and the first complete year of Top Brew.

Techtonic 10.3: Best CIA Spy Submarine App
Hosted by Joe Darnell

Joe and Jacob and joined by special guest Shawn Blanc to discuss his workflows and work on The Focus Course.

Techtonic Grass-Fed Hormone-Free Productivity

Mindfulness, focus, and productivity; we all want these values instilled. Tim Stringer describes his journey with the digital world into holistic productivity and the OmniFocus app.

Techtonic We All Want Robots but They’re Going to Kill Us

Joe and Joshua, along with special guest Robert McGinley Myers, introduce themes for the show and discuss everyday experiences and life-altering events we have with technology.