Equinox Mapping the World

Creating a map of the world is hard, very hard. It took the best minds in the world centuries to get it right. From the disfigured maps of the Greeks to the elegant portolan charts of the Renaissance, people have been mapping the world for a long time. The main problem was with longitude, a puzzle that was not figured out until Harrison invented a chronometer that could keep track of time while moving (like in a ship). It was easy enough to figure out how far north or south you were, but east and west was an entirely different thing. Yet, the portolan charts were longitudinally accurate, and nobody knows how. Map making in an artform, and some of the secrets have been lost to us.

Equinox Photosynthesis: Improbable to the Max

Photosynthesis is one of the most important processes on the planet, yet its complexity beguiles many students. This elegant and unlikely series of chemical reactions allows life on earth to exist.

Equinox The Strange World Inside the Atom, Pt. 2

Rob and Joseph continue to explore the particle and atom sciences. What are the elements? What discoveries to they afford? Why are scientists often disappointed with the discoveries? The people that can use these sciences to their advantage will rule the world.

Equinox The Strange World Inside the Atom, Pt. 1

It took scientists a long time to figure out what was inside the atom.

Equinox Energy Rules of the Universe

Energy is a fundamental part of the universe, but how much do we actually understand it? Joe and Rob ask and answer lots of questions on this fascinating topic, ranging from nuclear power plants to photosynthesis.

Equinox Fantastic Bees and Where to Find Them, Pt. 2

Rob and Joseph revisit honey bees and how to care for them, while not getting stung! There is so much more to learn about the fascinating little insects.

Equinox Fantastic Bees and Where to Find Them, Pt. 1

Rob and Joseph finally dive deep into beehives! What makes bees tick? Where did beekeeping come from? Why would two guys take this hobby on? And what’s the science bee-hind the colony?

Equinox Quirks of Ancestry and Genealogy

Rob and Joseph discuss more of the oddly fascinating details that impact mankind, how our family ancestry works, and some surprising ways that it does not.ca

Equinox We Are Less Than Dust

Rob and Joseph discuss SpaceX’s big launch, getting our podcast on Spotify, podcasting apart from each other, Rob’s one-page sci-fi, and for the main topic, Dr. Carter goes through the science of atomic theory. It’s a vast realm of the universe at a molecule’s scale, where there’s more empty space than matter!

Equinox ‘Science’ Fiction Films

What makes a good sci-fi movie? How much fiction can we mix with fact before the science part begins to fall apart? Using the movie Interstellar as a focus of attention, Joe and Rob discuss movie making, how this one genre attempts to blend storytelling with reality, and how it sometimes succeeds and sometimes does not.