Equinox Darwin 2.0: Correcting the Myths

In this second episode on the life of Charles Darwin, Rob and Joe discuss multiple myths about Darwin’s life, including the false ideas that he first thought of evolution while on the Galapagos and that he recanted his views on evolution on his deathbed. Other topics include finch beaks and Darwin’s rewriting the story of their discovery, his (abhorrent) views on race, and the fact that he died believing in the Lamarckian “inheritance of acquired characteristics” view.

Equinox Charles Darwin, the Man, but Mostly the Myth

Charles Darwin is a man of legend in science history. The real man’s influence shaped much of the progress and setbacks culture experiences today. Dr Rob Carter and Joseph Darnell take a journey through Darwin's times and accomplishments to shed like on the man, and separate the man from wayward legends that obscure key insights into the creation and evolution debate.

Equinox Clocks, Ancient Calendars, and Absolute Craziness

Tracking time goes all the way back to the first people who ever lived. How did they decide on months? Weeks? Years? Did they use the starts, the moon, seasons, or political ventures to define their passage through time? Rob and Joseph rewind the clock to the dawn of time then zip up through to the present to see how and why mankind has arrived at the calendar system we commonly employ in the 21st century.

Equinox Ancient DNA: Finding What Should Not Be There

Archeologists and geneticists are finding DNA in older and older things. Some of these discoveries are significantly challenging. In fact, many theories on the history of mankind have been abandoned due to some of the things we have learned. Robert Carter and Joseph Darnell discuss some of the discoveries being made with this legendary science and what it means for the human race.

Equinox Stopping the Sun, Moving the Earth

Geocentrism is a scientific theory that could have left mankind in the 'dark ages', but in the end it still held civilizations back for thousands of years. Dr. Rob Carter and Joseph Darnell explore why it took people throughout history so long to figure out that the earth moves, and the implications this has had for all of science up to the present. How we arrived at heliocentrism (actually, the universe isn’t heliocentric either!) will possibly surprise you!

Equinox The Greatest Theory Ever

In this first episode, Joe and Rob explore Sir Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity and explain how it is the single greatest engine of scientific prediction ever made by man. The theory of gravity also interconnects with a number of other interesting subjects, which they will touch on briefly, basically giving them fodder for a slew of future episodes. Equinox podcast is dedicated to Sir Isaac Newton.

Retake Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Hosted by TJ Draper and Tim Smith

Episode 28: RETAKE reigns. Having decimated the peaceful Republic of Podcasting, Supreme Leader TJ now deploys his merciless reviewers, Tim Smith and Lisa Cooper to seize control of the Star Wars Conversation.

Retake Thor: Ragnarok
Hosted by TJ Draper and Tim Smith

Asgard is in "Hela" big trouble, but Thor and Hulk are here to save the day, of course. Join Tim and TJ on this comedic thrill ride!

Retake Avengers: Infinity War Trailer
Hosted by TJ Draper and Tim Smith

TJ and Tim are here as earth's mightiest heroes to avenge us all from infinity, or something like that. Join them to chat about the upcoming film 'Avengers: Infinity War' and its recently released trailer.

Applesauce Glass Back Black Blah

Lee and Joseph are back with episode #4 at long last! The guys needed a bit of a break to take care of life events and physical recovery post surgery. But enough about what they’ve been up to! Joseph got an iPhone 8 Plus and Lee broke his 7 when he installed iOS 11. Both are happy with iOS 4 and put their digital crowns on the left to give that a try.