Equinox ‘Science’ Fiction Films

What makes a good sci-fi movie? How much fiction can we mix with fact before the science part begins to fall apart? Using the movie Interstellar as a focus of attention, Joe and Rob discuss movie making, how this one genre attempts to blend storytelling with reality, and how it sometimes succeeds and sometimes does not.

Equinox The Earth Is Slowing Down

Rob and Joseph revisit some of the previous topics and bring them together with an unexpected twist. You will learn what the moon, Earth’s gravity, the Ice Age, and extinct corals all have to do with each other.

Equinox Who is Dr. Rob Carter? Part II

Joe grills rob some more about his past, specifically about how he got to where he is today. The discussion ranges from corals, to computer programming, to genetics, to Covid-19. Meanwhile, Joe waxes eloquent on some interesting philosophical ideas.

Equinox Who is Dr. Rob Carter? Part I

Joseph decided it was time to ask the question, “Who is Dr. Carter.” The two laugh their way through the life of Rob: from bad grades to a love of learning, Georgia Tech to teaching high school, scuba diving to cloning DNA from corals.

Equinox The Earth

In honor of the 50th Earth Day, Joe and Rob talk about…the earth! That is, the rock we call planet earth. They discuss some amazing experiments, done in the 1700s, that told us the mass of the earth and that calculated the gravitational constant. This is a big deal for us today, because there would be no space travel without these foundational experiments.

Equinox Christianity and the Environment: A Review of the Riot and the Dance

Joe and Rob review the documentary films The Riot and the Dance and discuss various environmental issues and how the Christian is supposed to approach these things.

Equinox All the Peoples of the World

Joe and Rob go on a world tour, trying to explain where all the peoples of the world came from, including Eskimos, Polynesians, Native Americans, Asians, and Europeans. They ran out of time before they got to Africa, but this episode should keep you busy enough. They also deal with the issue of ‘race’ and many of the surprising new facts that are coming out of laboratories across the world.

Equinox Personal Genetics and Why There Are No More Secrets

Rob and Joe, surprisingly, discuss beekeeping, unsurprisingly talk about the coronavirus, then move onto the main topic: ancestry and genetics. They cover a lot of ground, including making transgenic organisms, the differences between the three main ancestry testing companies, whole-genome sequencing, the erosion of privacy as more and more people take those tests, Nanopore sequencing, the Golden State Killer case and how genetics allowed it to be cracked, the very complicated human genome, and the fun math behind genealogy and genetics.

Equinox Darwin 2.0: Correcting the Myths

In this second episode on the life of Charles Darwin, Rob and Joe discuss multiple myths about Darwin’s life, including the false ideas that he first thought of evolution while on the Galapagos and that he recanted his views on evolution on his deathbed. Other topics include finch beaks and Darwin’s rewriting the story of their discovery, his (abhorrent) views on race, and the fact that he died believing in the Lamarckian “inheritance of acquired characteristics” view.

Equinox Charles Darwin, the Man, but Mostly the Myth

Charles Darwin is a man of legend in science history. The real man’s influence shaped much of the progress and setbacks culture experiences today. Dr Rob Carter and Joseph Darnell take a journey through Darwin's times and accomplishments to shed like on the man, and separate the man from wayward legends that obscure key insights into the creation and evolution debate.