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Episode #4October. 3, 2017 1h 3m 34s Download
In this episode: Joe Darnell and Lee Peterson

Lee and Joseph are back with episode #4 at long last! The guys needed a bit of a break to take care of life events and physical recovery post surgery. But enough about what they’ve been up to! Joseph got an iPhone 8 Plus and Lee broke his 7 when he installed iOS 11. Both are happy with iOS 4 and put their digital crowns on the left to give that a try.

Highlights and Show Notes

iPhones 8

From Apple's site you'll learn a lot about the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. This is especially useful if you want to know what features Apple cares about, what they want to call to your attention.

watchOS 4

From the app honeycomb-turned-list to the Siri watchface, the guys found watchOS 4 to be a treat.

iPhone "X"

The X is a stunning new design from Apple, and there lies part of the problem with it. Of course it’s the most powerful iPhone Apple’s not shipped to date and it represents the future of iPhone, so even though we're not fans, we had to address…the notch in the room.