Prelude to ExpressionEngine Conference

Episode #1September. 27, 2016 32m 52s Download
In this episode: TJ Draper and John Henry Donovan

In this episode, TJ and John Henry introduce themselves, talk about what Content Managed will be about, then they look forward to the upcoming ExpressionEngine conference and talk about how important community is to developers.

Highlights and Show Notes

BuzzingPixel specializes in custom web development and add-ons for ExpressionEngine and Craft

John Henry is a Web Designer & Developer from Cork, Ireland specialising in ExpressionEngine and tinkering with everything else.

Tens of thousands of people choose EllisLab software to build their sites, applications, and business with.

Register for the ExpressionEngine Conference

The ExpressionEngine Conference is a community run design and developer conference dedicated to educating and enhancing the ExpressionEngine community. As it has grown, the conference has added new offerings and has become an essential event for agencies building ExpressionEngine sites.