It’s Either Soylent or Lighter Fluid

Episode #74October. 25, 2016 22m 55s Download
In this episode: Joe Darnell and Eric Rauch

Joe and Eric find the time to sit down over not one but two cups of coffee and a bottle of Soylent. Joe experimented on himself when Soylent was on sale. Thrasher coffee supplied several roasts for the guys to taste test, so they analyze two Ethiopians. Then, Joe and Eric highlight some of Alec Baldwin’s interview with Howard Schults, the CEO of Starbucks.

Highlights and Show Notes

Soylent, a beverage we keep talking about that doesn’t contain coffee

Here's their online bottle shop. You'll find their ration-like foods available by the case or for subscription. We only recommend that you try them if you're really interested.

Starbucks’ Howard Schultz Doesn't Sleep — But Don't Blame the Coffee

You can listen to the interview from your browser or just go ahead and subscribe to their show in your podcast app. It's an interview show hosted by Alec Baldwin, so you know you want to.

Video: Coffee Snobs — Funny or Die

Remember that time Funny Or Die made the cringe-worthy coffee snob video? It was based on real life encounters we wish we all didn’t experience. Schults wanted Starbucks to be anything *but* such a coffee house.